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Milwaukee 2691-22 drill and driver combo

Compact cordless drills are ideal tools if you find yourself in a tight and dark place that needs a hole drilled or a screw tightened. On of the best cordless compact combo kits on the market is the Milwaukee 2691-22 Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo. I’ve been researching and found great user responses for this tool. It’s rated 4.5 stars on with over 150 customer reviews at the time of writing. That in itself should be enough to decide to buy this drill kit, but if you want more info, here is a detailed review.

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Milwaukee 2691-22 Review

The Milwaukee M18 Compact Drill/Driver


2601-22 Drill

The compact cordless drill/driver in this combo features a ½ inch chuck. That’s large enough to accept most drill bits thus increasing your flexibility. The chuck is of course keyless, so you won’t have to search of the key to tighten it, you can easily do it with one hand. Speaking of holding with one hand, the cordless drill is very light, weighing only 4 pounds, thanks to the Lithium-Ion battery. Less weight means less fatigue, so you’ll be able to use it for longer periods of time. I find it to be very compact and easy to fit in most places, with a total length of only 7-3/4 inches.

Plenty of Torque

It has plenty of torque for an 18V drill, a total of 400 in-lbs. That should be more than enough for all the applications that this drill was intended for. All that torque is nothing without control. With 24 clutch settings, you can easily control that torque and make sure that no screws slip or get over tightened.

This compact drill is equipped with two speed settings. The slow mode goes from 0-350 RPM, and the high speed mode goes from 0-1,400 RPM. That way you can choose the speed that’s best suited to the task at hand, giving you best accuracy and professional results.

The Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver

This compact impact driver comes with a ¼ inch hex anvil that features one-handed bit loading. The torque needed to fasten and drive screws is usually very high, and this cordless driver has plenty of it, a total of 1,400 in-lbs

High speed for high performance

2650-22 Impact Driver

The Milwaukee M18 Cordless Impact Driver comes with a variable speed trigger and two speed modes. The low speed mode has a variable speed ranging from 0-2,200 RPM, and the high speed mode goes from 0-3,200 RPM. The variable speed trigger enables the user to precisely control the speed by applying more or less pressure on the trigger. That way you will get more control over your actions and better results.

When seeking for greater efficiency and more compact design, it’s best to go for a 4-pole motor rather than the standard 2 pole design. Well, inside this tool lies exactly what we’ve been looking for, a 4-pole frameless motor for less maintenance and higher efficiency.

There’s a rubber strip on both sides of the impact driver nose, to reduce friction. There are plenty of usages for this power tool, and some of them are: fastening hex self taper screws, fastening pipe couplings, outlet boxes, panel boxes, pipe hangers and pipe clamps, switch plates, etc. I’m sure anyone can think of many more cases where this cordless impact driver could be useful.

The Power Source: 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Battery

The battery is the highlight of the entire tool combo. The Li-Ion battery is 65% lighter and 50% smaller then the equivalent NiCad battery. Also, the Li-Ion technology doesn’t suffer from the memory effect, so the battery won’t lose the capacity due to charge-discharge cycles. The battery life is very long, and there is also a charge indicator on the battery so you will always know how much more have you got left. This is important in Lithium-Ion batteries, as they provide full power until the charge is depleted, so you cannot tell when the drill is going to stop.

The batteries are charged using a 30-minute quick charger. The charger has automatic shut off leaving only trickle charge after the battery has been fully charged. That way, the battery will not be destroyed if left on charger for longer periods of time.

Other common features

Both drill and impact driver feature a built-in LED light to illuminate the part that you’re working on. The light is strong enough and turns on and off at the press of the trigger. Another very useful feature is the belt clip on the side of the tool base. The tools are stored in a plastic case made from very hard and durable plastic that looks like it can take a lot of punishment

What are others saying?

Matthew S. Malone (Boston MA):

“First the charger does not kill the $80 batteries no matter how long you leave them on the charger. Second, the Milwaukee has a great battery charge indicator right on the battery. This is very important with Li-Ion batteries as they have full power right up to the end and quit without warning. With is level gauge you know exactly how much battery life you have when you grab your drill. Third, the Milwaukee drill has bit storage on board, handy for Philips and reg bits. Lastly the red color holds up much better then white.”

Chuck Culver (Boise, ID, USA):

“Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house getting ready for winter. I went to Home Depot looking for an impact driver (something that could easily drive 4-6 inch lag screws and 8-10 inch Timberlock screws). The Makita and Milwaukee impact drivers seemed to outperform any others available. I chose the Milwaukee based on prior experience with this brand AND final sale price of $225.00 for the set (versus $275 for the Makita). Right out of the box there was enough charge in the battery to finish driving several timber screws in a drain box I was repairing. I’ve been very impressed with the weight, durability, and performance of this set. The torque in the impact driver is eye-popping. No buyer’s remorse for this tool purchase.”

By P. Viola (Loveland, CO U.S.A.):

“BUY THIS SET NOW! This set is awesome and I have the Makitas too. Not a knock against Makita. Makita success is responsible for the era of micro lithium tools. The last reviewer is not telling you the battery time is great. They are incredible. 92 units of 3 1/2 screws in Trex on one battery.”

What’s in the Box:

What’s in the box

  • One (1) 1/2″ Compact Drill
  • One (1) 1/4″ Compact Impact Driver
  • Two (2) 18V LITHIUM-ION Compact Battery Packs
  • One (1) 18V 30 Minute Charger
  • One (1) Belt Clip (42-70-5150)
  • One (1) Molded Plastic Carrying Case

Where to Buy Milwaukee 2691-22 Combo

I’ve searched the internet and found the best price for Milwaukee 2691-22 on They usually have it on sale, and at the moment of writing the price is around $220, but it changes daily. Amazon also offers free shipping for this combo kit, which is great because other places may list a lower price but with shipping it comes much more expensive. So this is usually the best deal.

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